Sunday, November 20, 2016

Apple Lovin' Cranberry Compote

Love the autumn and the newly harvested apples, cranberries, pumpkins and other fall-harvested ingredients.  This recipe combines apple, cranberries, and cinnamon with either apple juice or cider.
A lovely with chops, chicken, turkey or other poultry.  Don't be afraid to experiment when you cook, that's how new recipes are created.   For more cranberry compote recipes click here. 

whole cranberries ready to cook

Granny Smith Apples

Apple Lovin' Cranberry Compote

6 servings


1 cup apple juice or cider
1 cup sugar
1 medium to large granny smith apple                                              
Cinnamon sticks
14 oz fresh whole cranberries (or frozen not defrosted)
1 cinnamon stick


Peel and chop the apple into roughly chopped chunks. These chunks will break down during cooking but smaller chop works best. It is fine to have some pieces larger so they show in the finished product.

Into a saucepan bring the juice or cider, cinnamon stick and sugar to a boil.  Add the cranberries, apples to pot and stir.  Simmer until the berries start popping and liquid thickens.  The apples will soften even more as the compote cools and the liquid will firm up while cooling completely. Remember to remove the cinnamon stick before serving.  Store in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator until serving.  This works very well with pork, chicken, turkey or duck.

 Cranberry Compote to gift

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